Develop your second brain

LifeJournal is the powerful and dynamic note taking application that helps you manage your projects, learn better, keep track of all sorts of lists and data ...

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The ideal companion

LifeJournal is designed to act as a second brain and support you in managing your projects, your lists, your learning, etc.

It allows you to effectively organize and re-engage the information/knowledge/resources you accumulate, connect them intelligently, help you manage complexity effectively, and thus boost your projects workflow, learn better, progress better, remember better, etc.

Manage your files the way you want

LifeJournal is not just a note software, it also allows you to manage your files.

Of course this includes the files that you integrate into your notes, and which become accessible via your personal links; but this also includes the classic management of files via folders.

As such, the cloud storage space offered by LifeJournal can be managed as you wish and without any limits.

LifeJournal's Cloud service is in this sense a two-in-one solution: it offers you storage space to automatically save and synchronize your notes, but this same space can serve as your personal cloud storage for anything and everything.

Micro-notes, micro-friction

LifeJournal allows you to write notes which are as long as you desire, but everything is done to invite you to create micro-notes independent of each other.

Micro-notes that can be linked to form notes sequences or notes networks that are easily accessible.

The advantage of working with micro-notes is that it becomes very easy to add new information to your note base.

Dynamic TO-DO lists

LifeJournal allows you to put "markers" in your notes, markers which will allow you to retrieve all the corresponding notes.

Each marker has a type and can easily switch from one type to another.

These properties allow you to create a dynamic task management system, completely tailored to your particular needs.

Study videos effectively

LifeJournal has an efficient system for studying and re-studying video content. This includes the definition of easily accessible time markers, allowing you to watch the video directly at the passages that interest you, to repeat a passage precisely, ... And of course the classic controls to change the playback speed or move forward/backward by the number of desired seconds.

Behavioral Accounting

The app includes "Life Tracker", a complete system for keeping detailed track of all sort of lists and data.

For example your habits, routines, where your time was spent, the list of movies you plan to watch (or have already watched), etc.

Includes a personalized score system, graphs, ...

Privacy & data

LifeJournal is designed as an offline-first application. All your data is stored locally, and if you don't have a LifeJournal subscription (optional), the app will work exactly the same with or without an internet connection.

With optional subscription services, LifeJournal offers a very fast and optimized synchronization system to sync your LifeJournal data between your devices. For this to work, your data needs to be replicated on LifeJournal server. But don't worry about privacy, your data will never be sent in clear, it will be encrypted on your device first. And no one but you will be able to decrypt it (E2EE).

Video Tutorials

What are the specificities of LifeJournal ?

What sets LifeJournal apart from other note management software is the atomicity of notes and the multiplicity of reference types.

What is the multiplicity of reference types ?

What is the atomicity of notes ?


The LifeJournal app itself is free. But it is possible to subscribe to a paid subscription to benefit from online services such as data backup, synchronization between devices and Cloud space storage.

Access to the app
All offline features
But no online services
Cost : free
Basic Limited
Cloud backup of your notes
(text, nodes, references...)
Sync notes between your devices
Sync limited to one database
Limited quota of synchronization
Cost : 1.99 € / month
Basic +
Cloud backup of your notes
(text, nodes, references...)
Sync notes between your devices
Sync limited to two databases
Unlimited quota of synchronization
Cost : 3.99 € / month
All the features of the "Basic +" plan
Up to 3 synced databases
Real-time collaborative editing
Backup and synchronization of media files embedded in notes
Storage space also usable for storing and retrieving files "normally"
Up to 200 GB*
Cost : 7.99 € / month
* : 200 GB (for life) is a limited offer, when the limited offer ends, new subscribers will be limited to 100 GB.
It is possible to obtain greater storage space by contacting us. To get a rough idea of the cost, consider €1 max per additional 25 GB, but it may be less depending on your use of this space. For example, if it is space for archiving purpose it will cost you a maximum of €0.20 per additional 25 GB.
Membership access, subscription management, ...